With our prompt engineering platform, you can have an easier, faster, and more productive start with Generative AI in your products and work

Work with prompt templates, versions, API, and analytics all in one platform. Test, launch, and scale AI features and products faster with the unique prompt engineering library.

No credit card required

Be certain with your investment in Generative AI with the prompt engineering platform

AI as a Competitive Edge

Empower most creative and driven team members to develop and share their experience with AI throughout your company. Accelerate adoption of Generative AI.

Customizable AI Assistants

Using default UIs, for example from OpenAI, Google, and Midjourney, can make your teams spend more time and resources building in-house tools. This takes away from other important tasks, and can eventually make your ROI uncertain.

ChatGPT Workspace

If you don't have ChatGPT Enterprise, your team lacks a collaborative ChatGPT portal for AI prompts. Missing enterprise features and compliance tools like this can make using generative AI more complex.

PromptLeo offers a prompt engineering solution with better ChatGPT UI and collaboration opportunities for teams

Manage all your prompts in one place with the prompt engineering library

The PromptLeo prompt management platform allows your team to keep all their prompts in a library, so they're all in one place. With this, you can:

  • check_circle Organize prompts in folders
  • check_circle Search and navigate quickly to saved prompt templates
  • check_circle Manage prompt versions

Collaborate on prompts with your team in the ChatGPT workspace

Enable your team members to collaborate on prompts, make changes as they wish, and provide feedback when needed. By being able to share prompts within your organization, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Monitor prompt performance and improve the generated results

With ChatGPT workspace, you can use prompt monitoring to review logs of prompt execution. You can analyze user input and previously generated results to improve performance and quality - ultimately reducing wait time.

“ We were looking for a prompt engineering platform through which we could share and collaborate on prompts as a team.

We found PromptLeo, and it was an excellent fit for our needs. It is GDPR compliant, offers all the necessary features, and their support is incredibly responsive.

Their Prompt API integration in our product is a remarkable addition, enabling us to modify prompts without altering the code. ”

Nicolas Huth
Product Strategy & Operations at Inxmail

Optimize the AI-generated results with prompt versioning

Let your team create multiple prompt versions in the same shared space, all done within the ChatGPT portal. This way, you can ensure every member of your team uses the latest ones. Effortlessly monitor histories and revert to prior versions if needed.

Use prompt engineering API with any Large Language Model

With prompt engineering API, you can create API endpoints from prompts and seamlessly update prompt versions - without the need for app redeployment. PromptLeo ensures vendor independence and flexibility to introduce and swap AI layers if needed.

Try AI internally with a no-code / low-code engineering platform

PromptLeo is a no-code platform that enables users to start using AI in a fraction of the time and effort compared to using OpenAI.
Consult us today to evaluate your options for applying Generative AI in your organization.

Create a ChatGPT workspace for every team

Increase your team's efficiency with a dedicated ChatGPT workspace for developers and prompt engineers. PromptLeo also offers flexible permissions, custom datasets, and the ability to share AI chat forms and results for seamless collaboration on projects.

Meet your company's needs with ChatGPT for organizations

PromptLeo's prompt engineering platform is an enterprise-ready product featuring GDPR compliance, audit tools, and SSO. You can leverage such options as self-hosting, founder-led support, individual contracts, and NDA.

Frequently asked questions

contact_supportWhat is prompt engineering?

Prompt engineering is the art of designing input text, or "prompt", for a Generative AI, like GPT or a Transformer model, to guide it towards producing the desired output.

It's like giving the AI specific instructions to make sure it understands exactly what you're asking for.

contact_supportWhat is prompt management?

Prompt management with PromptLeo allows its users to organize and track prompts easily. Users can create folders, track performance, review prompt logging, use templates, and add versions of prompts to improve performance. Users have search features available to navigate their prompt library.

contact_supportWhat is prompt management in GPT?

Prompt management in GPT allows users to keep prompts, templates, and versions in the prompt library, keeping them all in one place. Users can track prompt performance and team collaboration on prompts.

contact_supportWho is the ChatGPT portal for?

ChatGPT portal is designed for teams to collaborate on prompts with all the features that are necessary for organizations (SSO, GDPR compliance, option to self-host) to use generative AI for internal tools effectively.

contact_supportWho can use the generative AI prompt engineering platform?

Developers, prompt engineers, compliance, and other teams can use the generative AI prompt engineering platform. The ProductLeo is an enterprise-ready product that allows teams to have their separate AI workspace for prompt monitoring, versioning, logging, etc.

contact_supportWhy use the prompt engineering platform?

Prompt engineering platform benefits organizations who want to implement generative AI faster, all whilst ensuring effective collaboration of their teams working with prompts. Also, a key reason for using the prompt engineering platform is to take out the guesswork on whether or not implementing AI will bring ROI.

The prompt engineering platform offers a better ChatGPT interface, as well as a dedicated workspace for every team to manage prompts, templates, and versions.

contact_supportWhat is a prompt engineering platform?

The prompt engineering platform is designed to streamline the work of developers and prompt engineers. It offers a suite of features that simplify the integration and management of generative AI, ensuring a more predictable return on investment.

contact_supportWho is this PromptLeo designed for?

The PromptLeo prompt engineering platform is tailored for early adopters of AI such as CTOs, product managers, product owners, developers, and anyone looking to efficiently harness the power of generative AI without the overhead of building everything from scratch.

contact_supportHow does the PromptLeo ChatGPT portal differ from using ChatGPT's default UI?

While ChatGPT's default UI provides a starting point, PromptLeo ChatGPT portal offers advanced features, such as:

  • Prompt management, performance tracking, and logging.
  • Organizing prompt templates and versions in folders, as well as an option to search the prompt library.
  • Flexible access permissions, custom datasets, sharable chat forms, and results.

This ensures a more collaborative and efficient approach to managing and integrating AI capabilities.

contact_supportIs it secure to use the prompt engineering platform?

Yes, it is secure to use the PromptLeo prompt engineering platform. We prioritize security and ensure that all data and interactions on our platform are protected with the latest encryption and security protocols, including GDPR compliance.

contact_supportHow can I get started with the prompt engineering platform?

Simply sign up for free on our website, and you'll be guided through the setup process. Additionally, our support team is always available to assist you with any queries or challenges you might face. Make sure to join the waiting list to be among the first to access the advanced features of the prompt engineering platform.

contact_supportCan I customize the prompt engineering platform to fit my specific needs?

Certainly. The prompt engineering platform is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to tailor its features to align with your unique project requirements and team dynamics.

Have other questions?

Feel free to reach our support team.