Get ahead in Generative AI with an advanced prompt engineering platform for teams

Simple interface for prompt engineers to create, test, and change prompts .

Bring Generative AI to your team. Integrate into daily workflows.

No need to store your prompts in text files. No more copy-pasting. Better teamwork.

Reuse prompt templates
Apply Generative AI
Generative AI Playground

Create new prompts, make changes, and keep track of different versions without any hassle. Use prompt templates with parameters to create a prompt once, then reuse it effortlessly with different data.

Feedback Loop & Interations

With our Prompt API, say goodbye to the bottleneck of developer-only modifications. Developers just integrate the Prompt API once, enabling prompt engineers to effortlessly tune prompts in parallel and in real-time using a user-friendly interface.

One Platform, Many Models

Get instant access to GPT-4, Claude, and other models. Compare results and choose the model that best suits your technical and financial needs.

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Built for Enterprises, Available to Everyone

Meet your enterprise needs with an ever-growing bundle of add-ons & features.

  • check_circle Dedicated founder-led support
  • check_circle Self-hosted or in the cloud
  • check_circle Individual contracts & NDA
  • check_circle Guaranteed uptime 99.9%

“ We were looking for a prompt engineering platform through which we could share and collaborate on prompts as a team.

We found PromptLeo, and it was an excellent fit for our needs. It is GDPR compliant, offers all the necessary features, and their support is incredibly responsive.

Their Prompt API integration in our product is a remarkable addition, enabling us to modify prompts without altering the code. ”

Nicolas Huth
Product Strategy & Operations at Inxmail

Your Benefits

Instantly available functionality for prompts engineers:

  • check_circle Prompt management and versioning. Simple workflow from development to staging and production.
  • check_circle Prompt templates. Placeholders and parameters, revision history and collaboration.
  • check_circle Integrate Prompt API and then instantly change & improve published prompts without redeploying your app.
  • check_circle Prompt logging and monitoring. Search usage history and stay up-to-date with responses generated from your prompts
  • check_circle Performance tracking. Make sure your clients are delighted.
  • check_circle Vendor independence. Built-in adapter layer to stay independent from particular vendor like OpenAI.
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Prompt Engineering Library

From enhanced functionality to streamlined operations, the prompt engineering library can help take your product to the next level.

  • check_circle Easily track the performance of your prompts and make data-driven decisions to optimize their impact.
  • check_circle Analyze user behavior and test different prompts, so that you can improve the effectiveness of your prompts over time.
  • check_circle Create prompts that are tailored to specific user needs, improving the user experience and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • check_circle Adjust prompts via prompt versions. Replace the prompt versions on the fly without having to write code or redeploy your product. Ensure that everyone is working with the latest version and prevent version control issues.
  • check_circle Manage prompts across multiple sections of your product, making it easier to scale your operations.
  • check_circle Let team members work together on prompts, making changes and providing feedback as needed. Speed up the editorial process, while ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Prompt Forms

Share prompts with your clients while keeping the contents of the prompts undisclosed.

  • check_circle Add Generative AI to your portfolio. Offer self-serve forms for text generation.
  • check_circle Let your clients generate high quality outputs from various AI services.
  • check_circle Monetize and sell prompts. Generate additional revenue streams and increase profits.
  • check_circle Serve a larger number of clients without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Prompt Engineering API

Using PromptLeo for prompt engineering is like using Github for source code.

  • check_circle Create API endpoints based on a prompt. Replace prompt versions and instantly publish changes without redeploying your app.
  • check_circle Reduce Code Boilerplate. Leverage the prompt management layer that we've built.
  • check_circle Speed up development and get your AI features to market faster.
  • check_circle Logging and monitoring of upstream AI services.
  • check_circle Vendor independence. Use this API layer to stay independent from particular vendor like OpenAI.

Automation Playbooks with AI Workers

Visual building blocks make it simple to create custom AI workflows tailored to your needs.

  • check_circle Go beyond prompt engineering and embed memory and other components to improve AI quality.
  • check_circle Build intuitively. Your AI app can be complex, but our workflow editor lets you build and visualize that complexity in an intuitive drag and drop interface.
  • check_circle No-Code first. Enables creation of advanced AI workflows without needing to know how to program.
  • check_circle with the prompt engineering platformStay ahead of the competition and streamline your Generative AI solutions for maximum efficiency.

How PromptLeo works?

1. Prompts Library

Create specific prompt templates and customize them with parameters.

2. Forms & Endpoints

Create an online form or API endpoint based on a prompt.

3. Generative AI in Use

Share a form with your clients or integrate an API endpoint into the product.

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